About us

Why Buy tea from CHAITEA


  • ChaiTea's mission is to provide good quality tea at an affordable price to tea lovers.


  • Only by using unadulterated whole tea leaves containing ample antioxidant to boost your health. ChaiTea is a dealer in all kinds of Premium Quality Tea.


  • ChaiTea gets fresh tea leaves, packs and bring it to the customers. We here are not into high end packaging nor flashy advertising. Hence the customer does not pay for glossy boxes/tins, but only pays for the tea that he/she will be consuming. Our airtight sealing is simple and practical to keep the product intact the foil for 4/5 months at the least.


  • You may buy multiples of 100gms packs of tea and open the packets one after the other to retain freshness.


  • For outstation customers we suggest that you may place a combined order with your co tea lovers hence your courier cost get shared too.


  • ChaiTea comes from the family where tea has been their business for the last 70 years with plantations, export, wholesale and retails.


  • To source the right tea with the right price and to share the delight of sipping aromatic tea with tea lovers, make CHAITEA your partner is this mesmerizing experience.

About ChaiTea